Meet your glamour stylist at Tabula Rasa! Our featured glamour team specializes in color design, innovative haircuts, flawless blonde highlights, hot head hair extensions, bridal hair, event makeup, onsite bridal services and airbrush makeup. Our promise to you: we create your new look with fun, great service. Our excellent technique and unique beauty products will bring you to your Tabula Rasa, “Clean Slate”. Tabula Rasa, where beauty is your clean slate! Schedule an appointment with your favorite stylist today!

New Talent

A New Talent Stylist is the newest member of our stylist team. All new talent stylists are required to learn our salon culture while they apprentice and assist our higher level stylists. These stylist are fully licensed, but are just beginning to build up their clientele.

Master Stylist

Continue to stay committed to maintaining a skill set and positive attitude needed to ensure an amazing experience for our clients! As they grown in these areas they make their move towards becoming a Senior Stylist, which is generally a 5 year process after their start here at Tabula Rasa.

Senior Stylist

Our Senior Stylists have the most experience and have been in the industry for 10 years. They continue to refine their skills with offsite training and specialized classes staying up to date with current trends, while always maintaining the integrity of your hair! They are seasoned in their career and offer coaching and mentoring for our New Talent Stylists.