How to Get the ‘90s Blowout Hair Trend

Remember when blowouts were all the rage in the ‘90s? Yeah, we do too. Fortunately, this volume-packed hairstyle is coming back in modern trends and styles! Years of thinner, looser waves and curls have taken over the hair scene, but big bouncy blowouts are back, baby. Here’s how you can replicate the ‘90s blowout look. […]

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Is Saltwater Good for Your Hair? 6 Shocking Facts

When you hit the beach, you probably take measures to protect your hair from the sea and sand. But did you know that saltwater can be good for your hair? Here are six surprising facts about how saltwater affects your hair.  At Tabula Rasa Salon in Charleston, SC, our expert stylists can make your dream […]

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How to Achieve the Slicked-Back Braid Ponytail

The slicked-back braid ponytail is popular among people with various hair colors, types, and lengths. This look is effortlessly chic while pairing perfectly with many different styles. You can rock a slicked-back braid ponytail on a day out with friends, a romantic dinner date, or even a formal work event. Wondering how to achieve the […]

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Chunky Blonde Highlights Ideas

You may or not remember the classic styles from the 90s, but chunky blonde highlights were one of the best of them. Jennifer Anniston or even Britney Spears was a classic hair look from this time. But if you want some modern-day inspiration, look no further than Kylie Jenner or Jennifer Lopez. These strong, trend-setting […]

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Perfect Your Look with Basebreaker in Charleston, SC

If you’re looking for a new way to style your hair that gives off that low-maintenance yet flawless look, you should consider a basebreaker. This new and exciting way of coloring your hair is sweeping red carpets everywhere — for good reason. Because there’s nothing better than a hairstyle that looks effortlessly gorgeous. Perfect your […]

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Get Gorgeous Bellami Hair Extensions in Charleston, SC

Looking to add long, luscious locks to your hair? Our skilled stylists are here to get you started with the gold standard of hair – Bellami extensions.  Hair extensions are very popular because they offer many benefits to your appearance. You can change up your style, add volume and length, and much more with gorgeous […]

Get Beautiful Extensions with Hotheads

If you’re interested in getting hair extensions, one of the first steps is researching the available types. If you’ve already done your research, you’ve likely heard about Hotheads Hair Extensions. At Tabula Rasa Salon in Charleston, SC, our expert stylists can make your dream look a reality. So, if you’re ready for your new look, […]

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The Best Hairstyle Protectors

Hair protectant is important when you use heat tools to style your ’do. Your hair can break and become damaged if you don’t use proper heat protection. We have compiled a list of the best hairstyle protectors to use before applying heat. These products work for any hair type and texture to give you shiny, […]

Is Gray Blending the New Way to Transition Hair Color?

Gray hair is a completely natural occurrence that women can experience throughout their lives. While some women won’t notice a single gray until well after their 40th birthday, some women start to see gray hairs as young as their 20s.  In the past, gray hair was often unwanted and something to cover up with hair […]