5 Women’s Hair Trends of Winter 2020

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Although the COVID-19 pandemic has made this year quite unconventional, it doesn’t mean that up-and-coming trends have been thrown out the window. In fact, while staying safely quarantined in your home, this may be the best time to experiment with one of these five women’s hair trends of winter 2020. Take a look at a few new, stylish options that are sure to enhance your look during the cold season!

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Cropped, Layered Curls

If you’re tired of your long summer locks, consider switching up your ‘do with cropped curls that are filled with short- to mid-length layers. This style falls just above the shoulder or at the chin and is packed with plenty of texture for a dynamic, playful look. To enhance this cut, we recommend coloring your layers with lowlights that will provide your hair with even more dimension. Keep in mind that this style looks best on those with narrow face shapes!

Diagonally Cut, Straightened Lob

A “lob” is a shortened term for a “long bob.” This hairdo falls just below the shoulders. While it can be styled a few different ways, an emerging women’s hair trend this winter is a diagonal cut on the ends for an edgy look. This cut paired with straightened locks that are free of layers will provide you with a truly modern appearance. If you want to really go bold, consider dying your hair a monochromatic, all-over color that will make the cut even more striking.

Long Waves

If you enjoy your hair long during the winter months, you’ll be happy to hear that long waves are in! While in the past it was a popular trend to straighten long hair, loose waves have been taking over the fashion scene. To nail the look, we recommend keeping your hair just below your shoulder blades. Shorter hair will prevent your curls from falling as loosely, while hair that’s too lengthy can be difficult to curl on your own.

If you’re ready for a trim or need to significantly shorten your hair, one of our expert stylists is ready to assist you. We’ll cut and curl your locks to perfection!

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Solid Black Hair

It’s no secret that people often keep their hair darker in the winter. Dark tones match the coolness of the season. However, a winter 2020 women’s hair trend is experimenting with all-over color in true black. Instead of going with your usual, dark-brown color, opting for black is an easy way to obtain a new, sleek look. If you’re afraid to fully commit to this trend, you can always add dark brown lowlights to the look to see if you’d like to move forward with the all-over black color at your next visit!

Dirty Blonde

Blondes everywhere will appreciate the emerging dirty-blonde winter trend this season. As we’ve mentioned, darker tones pair nicely with the soothing colors of winter. That said, we expect to see even the lightest of blondes growing out their roots for a hassle-free hairstyle that will last for months.

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