A Daily Skin Care Regimen That Will Make You Glow

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Looking for the perfect skin care regimen? Cleanse and prep your face with these tips for fresh, glowing skin.


Avoid removing make-up with toilettes and cold creams and start with a gentle cleanser which will remove oil, dirt, and make-up without pulling and tugging at your face.


Exfoliate your skin with gentle microbeads to bring fresh skin cells to the surface. Warm the product up with both hands, then rub it in using circular motions all over your face. Wash your face and pat it gently with a towel for least irritation. While it’s best to refresh skin on a regular basis, exfoliating every day can cause skin to become rough and patchy. Therefore, use an exfoliating cleanser twice a week for clear, radiant skin.

Apply a Toner

Toner restores the pH balance of your skin which was probably thrown off a bit when washing it. You want to make sure your pH balance is in check. If it’s off, your moisturizers and treatment won’t work as effectively. When shopping for a toner, look for one with a natural moisturizer such as aloe vera for normal to dry skin or select one with hydrolic acid for oily to combo skin.

Apply a Serum or Eye Cream

More fluid than moisturizer, serum has a different viscosity because it contains both water and oil but in different proportions than day or night creams. A highly concentrated skin agent, a good serum will provide anti-aging properties, including hydration for soft and supple skin.

Hydrating Moisturizer

Replenish any lost moisture. Slather on a rich, hydrating moisturizer before your go to bed and a light moisturizer in the morning to prevent dry, flaky skin.

In addition to a good cleansing routine, keep these tips in mind for beautiful, healthy skin.

  • Maintain your skin’s health with regular facials
  • Be mindful of sun exposure and always use a day moisturizer with SPF 30+
  • Get good sleep and avoid stress
  • Deep clean your make-up brushes once a week

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~ photo by David Hartcorn