Airbrush Makeup Services in Charleston, SC

For a flawless, long-lasting appearance, take your look to the next level with our airbrush makeup services in Charleston, SC. Airbrush makeup grew to popularity within the Hollywood scene in the late 1950s as a way to quickly prepare large casts for a shoot. The result was makeup that was smooth, lasted throughout the day and looked great on the big screen. It is still used in the film industry today and is also a popular for choice for wedding makeup, fashion shows and other fabulous events.

How Does Airbrush Makeup Work?

airbrush makeup charlestonOur stylists are trained in the airbrush makeup technique. Instead of applying your makeup using a brush, foam pad or finger, the stylists will use a special airbrush system to spray on a fine mist of your perfect formula foundation. The formula then settles as a thin veil of makeup that no one can tell you’re wearing. The system works with one key element in place: a metal sprayer that’s run by a tiny air compressor. It’s a smaller version of what you would normally see when you’re getting a spray tan. This makeup system can be adjusted to give you lighter or darker coverage depending on your skin type. The special airbrush foundation goes on smoothly and doesn’t cling to pores or crevices, so the result is a more even, flawless effect that can last up to 20 hours—perfect for a wedding or bridal party!

The Airbrush Difference

In today’s world, there’s never an event without a camera or smart phone ready to take your picture. Airbrush makeup gives you a defined coat that won’t leave any dark spots or missed areas on your face. The result will be a natural, seamless effect that will perfectly match your skin tone. Despite your age or skin type, you’ll get the red carpet look you’ve been waiting for.

Many Style Options

As airbrush makeup continues to become a popular choice for weddings and events, the options available to you are more complete than ever before. It can be used to give you all-over coverage or to create definition, and it can be applied as eye-makeup too. Most formulas are made with a water base, are hypo-allergenic and won’t irritate the skin. At Tabula Rasa, we always use the best practices, and options like organic treatments and waterproof applications are giving clients more options to pick from for better, more luminous coverage.

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We can give you a beautiful, natural look that will last throughout your wedding or event. With Tabula Rasa, you can choose from our salon-based services or on-site appointments for a convenient and fun way to get prepped for your party.

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