Balayage Color For Your Back-to-School Look

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Hey ladies it’s that time of year and your hair has suffered from all your summer fun!  Here are some back to school looks that won’t bust your budget.

Summer hair Balayage color touch up! Ask you #TRstylist to freshen your balayage around the hairline for the endless summer look.  Balayage is all about depth at the base with subtle highlights around hair line and part.  This end of summer color application will be a quick appointment in the salon and easy on the budget.

Endless Summer Balayage touch-up

beautiful woman face with bright makeup and blonde hair .Summer fashion style. Toned in warm colors. Copy Space for your text horizontal shot.

Brighten up Blonde Color

Blondes we all know the summer sun can leave your blonde feeling dry, drag and sometimes brassy.  At Tabula Rasa Salon we offer an end of Summer Blonde refresher.  Our blonde refresher is a gloss + hair treatment + hair repairing treatment!  The blonde refresher will take your dull blonde color back to it’s beauty and shine.  The color will be bright and we can even customize your color tone.

Platinum Refresher = Pearly Vanilla tones.  This is our brightest gloss and it’s perfect for kicking any brass out!


Honey Beige Refresher = Glossy and rich.  This gloss is perfect to tone down the end of summer blonde and jump start fall blonde!

Smiling Beautiful girl light brown hair with an elegant hairstyle , hair wave ,curly hair

Vivid Refresher = Bold and Daring!  This gloss is perfect for the daring.  Don’t worry vivid color will shampoo out and it is not permanent color.  Your hair is already bleached out from the sun so why not try a vivid.


Do your blonde a favor and freshen up!

XO, #TRstylist Melissa #tabularasasalon