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Creating a natural look is always a huge focus when highlighting hair. Your highlights should never be streaky, and they be in total contrast to your root color, either. This goes against the natural, seemingly effortless look you’re after. At Tabula Rasa Salon in Charleston, SC, our expert stylists are masters at creating beautiful highlights. You can further enhance this coloring treatment when you request our base break hair color services. This quick and simple add-on will make a world of difference for your hair. Try it out during your next appointment!

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What is a Base Break?

blond-1845022_1280A base break is a hair treatment that lightens the natural base of your hair by just a few shades. Your hair is usually darker at the roots, which can sometimes be made more apparent when applying very light highlights to this area. Brightening your base color will reduce the contrast between your roots and the highlights, giving your hair an overall lighter and more natural look.

A base break service is a great way to freshen up the color of your hair without spending a lot of time getting a full head of highlights. If you’re noticing new growth and simply want to touch up the color, a base break is the way to go.

How it Works


The base break process is simple, but it delivers gorgeous results:

-Wash your hair. Just like a usual highlight treatment, we’ll wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. This occurs after we’ve foiled and heated your highlights.

-Section your hair. Next, while your hair is still damp, we’ll section your hair into four even quadrants.

-Apply the base break. In each section, one of our top color specialists will lift individual strands of hair to apply the base break at the root.

-Wait for 10-12 minutes. Depending on your hair color, you’ll sit between 10-12 minutes to allow the treatment to set.

-Wash and style. After the base break has set in, your colorist will wash your hair one more time, blow dry it, and style it to your liking. You’re sure to love the results!



Getting a base break will benefit you in so many ways:

-Provides a more natural look

-Creates a softer base for coloring

-Increases time between highlight visits

-Keeps hair healthier due to less exposure to bleach used for highlights

-A quick solution to touch-up your hair color

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If you’re looking to enhance your highlights or to simply give your hair a quick color boost, consider booking our break base hair color services at Tabula Rasa Salon in Charleston, SC. Our professional team has years of practice when it comes to coloring hair, so you can trust that you’ll really love the results. Get that refined, effortless look you’ve been searching for. Book your appointment today!

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