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If you’re a man that loves some good facial hair then you’re in luck. Beards are back in a big way, and they are far more versatile than ever. At Tabula Rasa Salon, we are thrilled to offer expert beard trims in Charleston, SC. Our stylists will help you rock one of the many beard styles available for today’s modern man. Whether you’re looking for a chiseled, groomed look or a long beard paired with a chic fade cut, we’ve got the hottest combinations available to keep your beard finely trimmed and fiercely styled.

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Facial Hair On Fleek


Since the dawn of time, beards have been a way to establish culture and dominance. Since ancient times, beards were precisely trimmed and sculpted to convey power in social status. Once a sign of wealth and privilege, the beard has evolved and emerged with many styles, especially during the 19th and 20th centuries. For a short time, beards dropped out of popularity altogether when shaved looks took over prominent countries. Now, beard fashion is back and better than ever in today’s ever-changing, fast-paced society. Today, you can find the modern man sporting a wide variety of different beard styles, all with a cool, edgy look.

Finding The Right Beard Style For You

Finding a beard style that’s perfect for you is easier than you might think. When you visit Tabula Rasa for a beard trim in Charleston, SC, our stylists will work with you to help you get the perfect look. We’ll help you understand the way your facial hair blends with your hair style and the way you want your overall look to come together. Gone are the days when a beard was just a beard. Today’s facial hair needs to be thought out and carefully considered before trimming!

Thankfully, there are several looks that can help take your beard to the next level. Today’s men are choosing long, slicked back looks with long, messy beards. Another popular look is an undercut style that is long on top with a short, trim beard. Another option is a nicely trimmed beard paired with a spikey or long top. Handlebar mustaches with long messy beards are another modern look with a classic nod. You can also choose a tailored beard with short or long hair on top or long hair with a trimmed or messy beard. The sky is really the limit when it comes to the range of beard styling options available!

Maintain The “Awesome Factor”

beard style

Ready to look your best? For your beard and mustache trim at Tabula Rasa, you will receive a personalized consultation to discuss your style preferences. Then, our expert stylists will help trim and tame any wild whiskers. Finally, you’ll finish with a nice beard oil to keep everything looking smooth. After your expert beard trim, your Tabula Rasa stylist can walk you through the right care routine to keep you looking your best until your next appointment!

Whether it’s the first time you’ve grown a beard or if you’re ready to take your current style to the next level, the barbers at Tabula Rasa Salon are ready to help. Make an appointment with us today!