Get Gorgeous Bellami Hair Extensions in Charleston, SC

Looking to add long, luscious locks to your hair? Our skilled stylists are here to get you started with the gold standard of hair – Bellami extensions. 

Hair extensions are very popular because they offer many benefits to your appearance. You can change up your style, add volume and length, and much more with gorgeous Bellami extensions at Tabula Rasa Salon in Charleston, SC!

At Tabula Rasa Salon in Charleston, SC, our expert stylists can make your dream look a reality. So, if you’re ready for your new look, or need any kind of hair help, book an appointment with us today!

Why Choose Bellami? 

Bellami hair extensions are professional-quality extensions that blend perfectly with your natural hair. 

When looking for high-quality extensions, most people have a certain aesthetic in mind. Bellami extensions make it look like your natural hair really is that voluminous, vibrant, and long!

Bellami extensions are made of 100% real human hair. These top-notch extensions use Remy human hair, meaning the cuticles are still attached to the top of the hair shaft. This makes for easy blending, styling, and natural-looking hair enhancements. 

Boost Your Hair Volume

Does your hair often fall flat despite using numerous volume-boosting products? Hair extensions could be the solution to flat, dull hair. 

Bellami hair extensions bump up your hair’s volume by thickening your hair. So you can finally have that full, voluminous appearance you see in hair commercials!

Since Bellami extensions use real human hair, you can style your extensions using your favorite volume-boosting products as well. 

Add Luscious Length to Your Locks

If you want longer hair, extensions are the way to go. Natural hair growth can take a long time and depends on many factors. Genetics, scalp health, and your hair care routine influence your growth rate. With Bellami hair extensions, you can achieve your ideal length in just one sitting!

We can customize your extensions to any length that you desire. Ever wanted to try long layers in your hair? Now you can, thanks to Bellami hair extensions!

Achieve Dimensional Hair Color 

Instead of coming in for endless highlights, lowlights, and balayage, you can add dimension to your hair color by simply adding extensions. 

Bellami hair extensions come in many different colors, so you can choose how your locks look. We can infuse pieces with natural-looking highlights and contrasting lowlights to add variety to your hair. 

You can also get Bellami extensions that mimic the look of a balayage. This color service can take quite a bit of time, but with Bellami extensions, you can pull off a gorgeous balayage in no time!

Come to Tabula Rasa Salon for Beautiful Bellami Extensions

Located in Charleston, SC, Tabula Rasa Salon specializes in gorgeous hair colors and styles. We welcome you to try Bellami hair extensions the next time you book an appointment. 

These high-quality natural human hair extensions boost your hair’s volume, length, and color dimensions. Don’t wait to get the hair you have always wanted; book your appointment with us today!