Stunning Blonde Hair Extensions in Charleston, SC

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If you want longer, fuller hair, the hair experts at Tabula Rasa Salon have you covered. We offer stunning blonde hair extensions in Charleston, South Carolina, that look and feel so natural that you’ll forget your hair hasn’t always been so full and beautifully golden!

At Tabula Rasa Salon in Charleston, SC, our expert stylists can make your dream look a reality. So, if you’re ready for your new look, or need any kind of hair help, book an appointment with us today!

All About Hair Extensions and How They Work

Our experienced stylists will help you achieve the hair of your dreams with our high-quality blonde hair extensions. Hair extensions blend seamlessly with your existing hair to add length, volume, color, or all of the above. 

There are various kinds of extensions for different hair types, and we’ll ensure we find the right fit for your unique needs and style. Types of hair extensions include:

  • Bellami
  • Hothead
  • COSMOhair
  • Halocouture

These brands all use their own methods that are perfect for achieving incredible-looking hair. Whether you want blonde hair extensions for a special occasion like a prom or wedding or you want long, voluminous blonde hair for the long term, the master stylists at Tabula Rasa can bring your vision to life.

What You Need to Know About Blonde Hair Extensions

Maintaining blonde hair extensions demands extra TLC. The harsh chemical processes behind their beautiful shades make them susceptible to breakage and dryness, requiring careful heat styling and regular deep conditioning. Additionally, their light color readily absorbs brassy tones from water and pollutants, necessitating frequent use of purple shampoos and toners to maintain the desired shade. On top of that, split ends and frizz show up more readily in blonde hair, making regular trims and touch-ups essential for a polished look.

How to Look After Long, Blonde Hair Extensions

If you want your blonde hair extensions to look their best for as long as possible, it’s crucial to take extra care of them. We recommend:

  • Doing regular conditioning treatments
  • Avoiding chlorine
  • Protecting your extensions from the sun
  • Using a special tangle teaser or a hair extension brush
  • Investing in a good hair oil
  • Keeping up with maintenance appointments

If you have any questions about maintaining your blonde hair extensions or want some tips, the hair care team at Tabula Rasa is happy to help you anytime. 

Get Top-Tier Blonde Hair Extensions at Tabula Rasa

Blonde hair extensions are beautiful, and when you invest in quality extensions, you can expect stunning, long-lasting results. Properly maintaining your extensions and keeping up with maintenance is crucial to ensuring they look as natural as possible and last a long time. That’s where the experienced stylists at Tabula Rasa come in.

We’ll give you the beautiful, voluminous blonde look you want and the quality advice you need to maintain your hair extensions. 

If you’re interested in getting exceptional blonde hair extensions in Charleston, make an appointment with Tabula Rasa Salon today. We look forward to accentuating your natural beauty with our quality blonde hair extensions.