The Best Way to Blow-Dry Extensions 

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Many women utilize hair extensions to add volume to their hair, increase its length, or create new ways to style it. However, though hair extensions are usually designed to blend seamlessly into your natural hair, they are generally made of synthetic material that can’t be treated the same way you treat your natural hair.

Want to make sure you’re taking proper care of your hair extensions so you can make sure they last as long as possible? One of the first steps is learning how to treat them with heat, and the most common heat treatment used in homes is a blow-dryer. 

Let’s take a look at some of our best tips for blow-drying extensions. 

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Make Sure Your Hair Is Prepared 

Before you even think about using a blow-dryer on hair with extensions, it’s important to make sure that your hair – both extensions and natural – is taken care of with the proper products. Ask your hairstylist about shampoos and conditioners to support your healthy hair and scalp while also keeping your extensions in good condition.

Additionally, when you dry your hair, do your best to allow it to partially air-dry before you introduce heat. We also recommend applying protective hair products before turning on the blow-dryer to prevent heat damage. 

Start at the Roots 

Once you turn on your blow-dryer, start with your roots. Not only does this area of your hair need the most attention, but you also need to determine how you want to part your hair and where you want different pieces of hair to fall early on in the drying process. 

Once you get to the places where your extensions are attached, tread carefully and try not to apply heat directly to them for a long period. 

Separate Your Hair into Sections 

Once your roots are dry, separate your hair into sections using a brush so you can create a better focus for your heat treatment. Begin with the pieces of hair that frame your face and slowly work your way backward to the sides and the back.

As you’re blow-drying, make sure to keep the nozzle pointing downward. This will prevent frizz and keep all of your hair, both natural and extensions, looking smooth and sleek. 

It’s important not to section out your extensions separately from your natural hair during this part of the process, as that could prevent the extensions from fully blending into your hair.   

Finish with a Round Brush 

To encourage some nice volume at the end of your blow-drying process, take a round brush and wrap the pieces of hair that you want to add some volume to around the brush for a few minutes. When you remove it, you’ll have a nice gentle curl that should stay in both natural hair and extensions for several hours.

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