Bridal Makeup Artist – Styles & Terminology

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When you book our talented bridal hair & makeup artists to create your wedding day look, you’re in great hands. We want you to look and feel your best on your wedding day. To make the most of your makeup trial run, it’s a great idea to collect photos for inspiration and bring them along to share with your bridal makeup artist. To make sure you and your wedding stylist are speaking the same language, we’ll explain some popular bridal makeup styles and terminology so you feel confident and really shine on your big day.

Wedding Makeup Looks

Natural – A natural wedding makeup look is for the bride who prefers to be un-made-up. Using a neutral color palette, your features are enhanced to showcase your natural beauty.

Glamorous – For the bride who doesn’t shy away from makeup, a glam look might just be what you’re after. Whether you want to go dramatic with a smoky eye or bold lip color, the sky is the limit.

Classic – If being polished to perfection is how you envision yourself on your wedding day, a classic wedding makeup look is for you. Flawless skin and elegant touches of color are what make this style timeless.


Wedding Makeup Coverage Options

Sheer Coverage – Sheer makeup coverage is all about letting your skin show through while still evening out skin tone. Minor blemishes are hidden with concealer and either a tinted moisturizer or light foundation is used. The finished effect is youthful and fresh-looking skin for your wedding day.

Medium Coverage – Moderate skin issues can be covered with a medium coverage foundation. Our bridal makeup artists are skilled at building up coverage just where you need it so your skin will look its best.

Full Coverage – If you have significant skin issues, a full coverage makeup application can make sure your guests’ eyes are on you, not your skin. These days, full coverage doesn’t have to mean heavy. Our experienced wedding makeup stylists are skilled in giving you the coverage you want without a mask-like effect.

Flawless Finish For Your Wedding Day Makeup

Dewy – A dewy finish creates the effect of youthful and glowing skin. To achieve this look, our team might use a hydrating primer underneath your foundation and top off your wedding makeup with subtle highlights on your cheeks.

Luminous – When you think of that “lit from within” look, luminous comes to mind. With highlights in just the right places, your skin will radiate with elegance and beauty.

Matte – A sophisticated look can be created using matte makeup products. Matte cosmetics, by definition, contain zero shimmer or glitter. If you have very dry skin or chapped lips, a boost of hydration from a mask or moisturizer can keep these products from looking dry on your face.

Wedding Day Miscellany

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Contour – This popular makeup technique refers to the application of highlighters and shading products to add definition to the face. Highlighted areas become more prominent and shaded areas become recessed.

Flashback – Under flash photography, some light-reflective makeup can create a white cast on the skin. Physical sunscreens, such as zinc oxide, can also cause this glare. Take a few test photos with everything you’ll be wearing on your wedding day to prevent any unflattering photos.

Touch-Up Kit – Throughout your wedding ceremony and reception, you’ll likely be kissing a lot, crying happy tears, and maybe sweating. Keeping a bag nearby full of blotting paper, lipstick, concealer, etc. will help to make sure you look great all day.

Now that you’re in on the makeup lingo, it’s time to set up your bridal hair and makeup appointment. Tabula Rasa’s experienced bridal makeup artists are here to help you look amazing. We look forward to being a part of your big day!

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