Chunky Blonde Highlights Ideas

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You may or not remember the classic styles from the 90s, but chunky blonde highlights were one of the best of them. Jennifer Anniston or even Britney Spears was a classic hair look from this time. But if you want some modern-day inspiration, look no further than Kylie Jenner or Jennifer Lopez. These strong, trend-setting women are changing their look to chunky blonde highlights and bringing them back. 

Unlike the 90s, chunky blonde highlights in 2023 and beyond are now paired with balayage, ombre, or baby lights. Before, chunky highlights, as you might know them, were large stripes throughout the hair and often came across as brassy. Times have changed, and not only do we know more advanced hair techniques, but we favor a more subtle look today. Using more advanced techniques, we can blend your hair for a more natural look than generations before. Using these techniques can also avoid too much maintenance, so you spend less time in the salon chair and more time enjoying your look. 

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How to Do Chunky Highlights and Lowlights

Hair highlighting and lowlighting is the process of modifying the color of a person’s hair by applying a lightener or hair color to lift the level or brightness of hair strands. Highlights are classified into four types: foil highlights, hair painting, frosting, and chunking.

Chunky highlights and lowlights are built on contrast, so normally, a half-head method is used that allows the natural lower layers to show through. You may believe the application here necessitates broader weaves than normal, but that’s not the case. The modern chunky highlight embraces subtlety. 

There are three more crucial components to consider for this trend. Read on below to see our top tips. 

Add Contrast

Chunky highlights, often known as money piece highlights, are a beloved trend among celebrities who stay current with fashion. The bulky highlights of the 1990s, which looked like zebra stripes, don’t look quite as flattering as today’s face-framing ribbon highlights that run throughout the hair. So this is an exciting shift in this trend. 

Although modern chunky highlights are more seamless than their nineties counterparts, they still need to stand out more than traditional highlighting techniques. So, where you might usually lift the hair one or two shades brighter than the base, this trend allows you to play with a few ribbons that are three or four levels up. The same goes for chunky lowlights; don’t be afraid to experiment with extra depth for eye-catching contrast.

Money Piece Highlights

A colorist uses the money piece technique to lighten or highlight the face-framing sections of your hair. This process softens and brightens your skin and is simple to maintain.

In fact, painting money-piece highlights is one of the most modern ways to wear the style. These face-framing ribbons preserve the contrast in the front of the hair, allowing you to add softer baby lights throughout the remainder. In the end, it should be one thick highlight with gentler transitions.

Add More Highlights

Our stylists may use other techniques to add more chunks of highlights throughout the hair. For instance, they may try a freehand balayage technique. This is the most common way to apply color for balayage, and it produces stunning results because instead of utilizing foils, the color is applied to your hair by hand.

Because chunky highlights that begin at the root can become stripy, we may sweep them through the mid-lengths and ends to create a beachy look that flatters everyone.

Switch Up Your Style at Tabula Rasa

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