COSMOHair Extensions Now At Tabula Rasa In Charleston, SC


Let’s face it, finding the perfect look can be tough. Do you want short or long hair? Do you want to be sassy and chic or long and luscious? What if you change your mind about a short cut after you’ve already chopped your threads? Thankfully, hair extensions provide an opportunity to get a longer look without waiting the time it takes to grow your hair out! At Tabula Rasa Salon, we now proudly offer COSMOHair extensions (backed by Cosmopolitan magazine) and have a certified stylist on staff. These amazing extensions have arrived to help make your hair super glam!

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The Power of Hair Extensionshair-laurens02

If you want to add a little vavoom to your hair, then extensions are the perfect remedy. By adding these extra pieces to your hair, you can add length and volume, giving your hair a more luxurious appearance.

How Do They Work?

Hair extensions are generally clipped, taped or woven into the hair. They’re great for thick or fine hair, as long as your hair is at least three inches long. With hair extensions, you can customize your color and even cut the extension to match. They are lightweight and can last for several months. The key to getting a great look with extensions is to make sure you have a fantastic product and a trained stylist to put them in correctly. Luckily, you can find both at Tabula Rasa!


Worth their weight in gold, these new COSMOHair extensions are made with 100% human hair, are soft and lightweight, and can last up to 6 months! There are over 45 colors to choose from in a variety of styles, from curly to straight.

COSMOHair offers three different types of extensions:

cosmohair-1– Clip-In Extensions work for volume on the go and are made for those that change their mind and their style up frequently. Made from a special polymer to ensure a flat look, the clip-in will last a long time.

– The I-Tip extension is a revolutionary product that works as an individual extension system, using a patented cylinder to crimp the extensions into the hair. The application doesn’t require any heat, glue, sewing or braiding. This option can last up to a year if maintained properly.

– Tape-In Extensions are so easy to add and give a flat, beautiful look. Perfect for busy women on the go, these extensions offer long-lasting wear without a lot of fuss.

cosmohair clip n go

Care and Maintenance  

Hair extension maintenance is often overlooked, but it’s a critical step to keeping the longer look you love. Your stylist will teach you the proper ways to wash and brush your hair, the things to look out for while styling with a hot tool, and the best way to sleep while wearing hair extensions. You’ll also want to come in for maintenance of the extension per your stylist’s recommendation to trim and ensure it is holding up well over time.

Meet Your COSMOHair Stylist, Lauren

laurenbiopicWe are lucky to have a Master Stylist, COSMOHair Extension Educator/Specialist and Color Specialist right here at Tabula Rasa Salon! Consistently pushing the bar, Lauren Wood has been in the beauty industry since 2001. She has trained under multiple international platform artists and is highly specialized in the newest cuts and color techniques.

For the past 12 years, she has worked extensively with hair extensions. Lauren is skilled with using Hot Heads tape in’s and we are now excited to say, she is the COSMOHair Educator for the entire Southeast! Whatever your wishes, a session with Lauren will not disappoint. She will help you find the right extension color and personalize the experience to provide comfort, quality and a gorgeous look that’s undeniably you!

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At Tabula Rasa Salon our stylists know the importance of hair extensions that look and feel natural but also provide the spunk and sass you want. With the new COSMOHair Extensions, you’ll be excited to have the best extensions and the most skilled team to work with them. For hair extensions that look and feel great, visit Tabula Rasa Salon in Charleston, SC today.

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