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We understand how hard it can be to find a stylist who can properly tame curly locks. That’s why we have expertly trained curly hair specialists here at Tabula Rasa Salon to ensure your hair is properly cared for. If you’re ready to finally leave a salon feeling confident about your gorgeous curly hair, book an appointment with us today in Charleston, SC.

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Different Stylists for Different Needs


It’s a must to have hair care specialists for all different hair types. Our goal is that all of our clients will walk away from their visit 100% satisfied. That’s why it’s imperative we match you with one of our experienced curly hair professionals who are trained to manage your unique needs.

Start with a Consultation


While curly hair is undoubtedly different from straight hair, our specialists also understand that not all curly hair is the same. In order to get a full picture of the goals you have in mind and how you’d like to look once your visit is complete, we begin with a personal consultation. This chat will help us assess your unique curls and create a plan for your look.

Washing & Brushing


Next, we’ll take you to the bowl where we’ll lightly shampoo and deep condition your locks, selecting the best products to apply for your hair type. Then, we’ll lightly comb your hair with a detangling brush as we rinse out the conditioner, working from the bottom to the top. We can assure you a brush will not be run through your curls when your hair is dry! Everything we do has your comfort and the protection of your hair in mind.

Cutting Curly Hair


In the past, you’ve likely asked your hairdresser to trim just an inch off, but left the salon with nearly four inches gone. One reason this may have happened is because curly hair should not be cut while wet. Saturated curly locks are not an accurate representation of how they actually fall when dry. So, after using a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment to ensure your hair is completely moisture-free, your stylist at Tabula Rasa Salon can begin to cut.

When cutting curly hair, we employ a technique called carving and slicing. This method gets rid of the bulkiness of your hair while still maintaining the integrity of your natural curl pattern. We know this part can be nerve-wracking, so feel free to ask your stylist questions or express any hesitations you may have before we begin.

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Our curly hair specialists at Tabula Rasa Salon look forward to providing you with your best salon visit yet. With years of experience and professional training, you can trust that your lovely curls will be more than taken care of—they’ll be styled to their absolute best. Book your appointment with us today in Charleston, SC!

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