Deep Hair Conditioning Treatment in Charleston, SC

We can make our hair look great by straightening, coloring, and blow-drying it, but we may also cause some damage in the process. If you apply heat to your hair on an everyday basis, or even an every-other-day basis, it’s sure to become brittle, frizzy, and dried-out. However, there’s a way to restore your hair to its natural luster. Book an appointment for a deep hair conditioning treatment at Tabula Rasa in Charleston, SC!

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What is a Deep Hair Conditioning Treatment?


Deep hair conditioning treatments are meant to revitalize, strengthen, and nourish your hair by infusing it with intense moisture. There a few steps to this simple, yet extremely effective treatment:

-Wash your hair with shampoo. When you arrive at the salon, the first thing we’ll do is wash your hair with shampoo. This is because the treatment works best on wet, clean hair.

-Apply the treatment. The ends of your hair tend to be the most dried-out, so there will be a focus on thoroughly applying the treatment to this area. Then, to evenly distribute the conditioner to the rest of your hair, we’ll brush it through with a wide-tooth comb.

-Dry for 20 to 30 minutes. Once the treatment is applied, you simply need to let it dry while sitting under one of our hood driers. We’ll give you a cap to wear to protect your hair and really allow the conditioner to soak in.

-Rinse and style. After about 20 to 30 minutes, we’ll rinse out the conditioner and style your hair to your liking. You’ll immediately see the treatment’s radiant effects!


What Are the Benefits?


There are so many benefits to a deep hair conditioning treatment:

-Infuses your hair with moisture to remove frizz and brittle texture

-Restores shine back to your hair

-Reverses dullness caused by continual color-treatment and recovers its natural luster

-Strengthens your hair by improving its elasticity, which prevents breakage

-Moisturizes your scalp to prevent flaking and itching


Does it Work for All Hair Types?


Yes, a deep conditioning treatment can be applied to all hair types. The main thing that will change is the type of conditioner that’s applied. Feel free to ask one of our expert stylists at Tabula Rasa Salon what kind of conditioner works best for your exact hair type!

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How Often do I Need it?


How often you need a deep hair conditioning treatment depends on both your hair type and the damage of your hair:

-For curly hair, you can enjoy this treatment every time you visit the salon (every few months).

-For heavily color-treated hair, your hair will also benefit if you get this treatment every time you visit the salon.

-For deeply damaged hair, you can receive this treatment up to two times a week until you begin to see improvement.

-For normal to fine hair, you may consider this treatment to give your hair a boost a few times a year.


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If you’re interested in a deep hair conditioning treatment, make an appointment with us at Tabula Rasa Salon in Charleston, SC. Our team of professional stylists are looking forward to restoring your hair to its happy, healthy state!

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