Demi- vs Semi-Permanent Hair Color

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If you want to experiment with dying your hair, a temporary color is exactly what you need. There are a few nonpermanent treatments for you to choose from, including demi- and semi-color. The right option for your needs depends on the length of time you’d like to keep your hair colored and the way you want it to look. To make the right decision for you, explore the difference between demi- and semi-permanent hair color!

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What is Demi-Permanent Hair Color?

Demi-permanent hair color lasts longer than semi-permanent hair color. Specifically, it will last for about 24 to 28 washes with shampoo. If you wash your hair approximately every other day, that means your new color will remain around two months.

Your stylist will apply demi-permanent hair color to your locks while they’re dry. Rather than the treatment penetrating through your locks into the follicle, the pigment remains on the hair’s surface. This is what allows it to serve as a temporary color option! Demi-permanent hair color can provide you with an entirely new hue or subtly enhance your natural tone.

What is Semi-Permanent Hair Color?

Semi-permanent hair color lasts for about three to six washes with shampoo. This means you’ll get to enjoy your new color for approximately one to two weeks.

When selecting your color, it’s important to keep in mind that the hue often looks lighter in the bottle than it does on your locks. It’s recommended to choose a hue that’s a shade lighter than what you’re aiming for.

With this treatment, your stylist will apply the dye to your damp hair after it has been shampooed. When complete, expect to enjoy a bright, vivid new color that you’ll absolutely love!

Which is Right for Me?

Are you wondering whether demi- or semi-permanent hair color is right for you? Review some helpful tips to guide your decision.

Semi-permanent hair color is great for those who:

-Are apprehensive about trying an entirely new hair color

-Want to change their look for a single occasion (e.g. a sports game, concert, or costume)

-Want to experiment with vivid colors

Demi-permanent hair color is great for those who:

-Want to transition their hair color between seasons

-Enjoy frequently changing their hair color

-Want to experiment with both vivid and neutral hair colors

No matter which treatment you choose, you’re sure to enjoy testing out the latest hair color trends before committing to a permanent option. Explore our specialty color menu to view all the ways we can dye your hair to perfection!

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