Refresh Your End of Summer Hair

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Summer is coming to an end, which means you’ll likely spend a lot less time at the beach or laying by the pool. If September is here and you’re realizing that your hair isn’t looking as healthy and bright as it did in June, we promise you’re not just seeing things.

Though summertime activities like swimming and tanning are very enjoyable, they can have negative effects on hair health when done in excess. This is especially true if you don’t take the proper steps to protect your hair from damaging factors. But we have the solution! Find out more about your end of summer hair and what you can do to have glowing, soft, beautiful locks again.

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What Causes Hair Damage During Summer?

Wondering what could possibly be the cause of your dry, brittle hair after plenty of fun in the sun all summer? There are a few common summer activities that can lead to less-than-healthy hair.

Swimming in the Pool

If you’ve spent a good amount of your summer cooling off in the pool, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that your hair is feeling a bit damaged or the color isn’t as vibrant as it once was.

Chlorine pools can reduce the brightness of color-treated hair and even change the color entirely in some cases (ever seen a blonde come out of a chlorinated pool with green hair?). Saltwater pools tend to be less damaging for hair, but even occasional exposure to high concentrations of salt can cause hair to dry out.

Swimming in the Ocean

You may assume that swimming in ocean water is better for your hair since there are no harsh chemicals like chlorine present, but just like in a saltwater pool, the high salt levels can cause their own type of damage.

Ocean water won’t completely change the shade of color-treated hair, but too many dips in the sea will certainly make the color fade much faster than it would have otherwise. Even if your hair isn’t color-treated, too much ocean swimming will strip it of its natural moisture and leave you with dry, faded strands.


Did you know that your hair can get sunburned just like your skin can? Excessive exposure to UV rays can fade hair color, whether it’s been salon-treated or not. Lots of direct sunlight will also dry out your hair quickly. This process can be especially damaging when paired with regular swimming in chlorine or saltwater.

Repair Surface Damage in One Treatment with the Acidic pH Sealer from Redken

Now that you’ve finished enjoying the sunny summer months, it’s time to give your hair some much-needed TLC as you enter the fall season. If you’re wondering how to do that, the Acidic pH Sealer from Redken is a great place to start.

Redken’s Salon-Exclusive Concentrated Protein Treatment for customers with damaged or over processed hair is called an Acidic pH Sealer. This procedure is followed by an individually designed treatment using acidic moisture concentrate and/or acidic protein amino concentrate.The pH of this treatment is 3.0-4.0, which aids in cuticle sealing, locking in treatment results, and adding rapid shine.

This exclusive concentrated protein treatment at Tabula Rasa Salon, is designed to boost shine, improve hair strength, and repair surface damage for all hair types. Restore your hair to its natural pH balance and lock in moisture for incredible shine and volume!

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