Essential Tips for Growing Your Hair Out

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There’s no miracle cure that will instantly lengthen your hair. But you can make small adjustments to promote growth while keeping hair healthy, nourished, and well styled. Explore these essential tips for growing your hair out!

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Watch for Split Ends

Split ends are the ultimate roadblock when it comes to lengthening your hair. Although it may seem counterintuitive, you should get your hair trimmed approximately every ten to twelve weeks, even if you’re trying to grow it out. Taking off just an eighth of an inch to an inch of hair every so often allows you to prevent split ends.

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How to Prevent Damage & Breakage

Damaged hair can inhibit growth altogether. Luckily, there a few easy precautions you can take to prevent hair breakage and damage:

Avoid heat. Consistently applying heat with your blow dryer, straightener, and/or curler can cause your hair to become dry and brittle. To prevent this from occurring, reduce how often you apply heat to your hair. When you do apply heat, consider using hair oil or a heat protectant spray.

Brush carefully. Aggressive brushing rips your hair. Every time you brush, start from the ends and work your way up. This allows you to detangle sections little by little, rather than starting at the root and forcing your way through knots.

Use a silk pillowcase. Pillowcases in rougher fabrics tend to pull on your hair and draw out its moisture. Silk, on the other hand, doesn’t dry out or catch on your locks.

Switch your hair ties. Hair ties with seams or metal pieces will also break your hair. Make a simple switch to seamless, plastic spiral ties.

Gently dry. Never rub your hair with a towel while wet—this is a surefire way to cause frizz and damage. Instead, wring your locks out, then pat to draw out moisture.

Adjust Your Shower Habits & Products

Making a few quick adjustments to your shower habits can promote hair growth as well:

Lightly shampoo. Shampoo is designed to strip your hair from dirt and debris. However, in the process, it also removes your hair’s natural oils that keep it healthy and happy. To prevent this, lessen the amount of shampoo you use, or even lessen how often you use shampoo in your usual haircare routine.

Increase your conditioner. Conditioner can help repair wear and tear from dyes, heat, and more. Start applying a little extra as you shower (especially to your ends, which tend to dry out more quickly).

Apply cold water. At the end of your shower—only for a few seconds—use cold water. This small adjustment will lock in moisture and strengthen your hair, which is essential for lengthening!

Boost Your Diet

Ensure that your diet consists of a good balance of the primary hair-growth ingredients, such as:

-Vitamin A

-Vitamin C

-Vitamin D

-Vitamin E

-Folic acids


If your diet is lacking, it may be a large part of why you’re struggling to lengthen your hair. Although supplements of the above ingredients aren’t as effective as a full diet change, they can still provide some hair growth benefits!

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We hope tips for growing your hair out help you achieve the long hair you always wanted! Whether you’re ready for a trim or style, Tabula Rasa Salon is ready to help enhance your look. Make an appointment with us today for a refined new do!

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