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Fade haircuts are all the rage in salons across the country. At Tabula Rasa Salon in Charleston, SC, we can help you rock one of the many different styles that give the fade cut its edgy and hip look. Whether you’re looking for a gradual fade or an attention-grabbing modern style, Tabula Rasa is the spot for some of the freshest fade haircuts in Charleston, SC. Here are a few reasons why the fade is a great look for both women and men!

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What makes fade cuts such a standout style is the fact that it can be customized to fit any type of lifestyle. Your basic fade is longer on top with a gradual fade into a bald cut on the bottom. But there are many variations to this method available for you to try. Your stylist will help you decide if you want a long or short fade and whether you want to start the fade at the low, medium or high point on your head. Generally, the lower the fade, the more casual the look. The higher the fade, the more dramatic. We’ll work closely with you to help you find your best look.

So Many Options – What’s Right For You?

  • – You’ll want a bald fade if you’re going for a business casual look. This type of cut starts at the bottom and gradually blends into longer hair on the top.
  • – A faux hawk fade is a hip take on the traditional Mohawk, while a high-top fade gives you that Fresh Prince of Bel-Air flair.
  • – A sexy undercut look that goes from long straight to buzzed looks good on everyone, a la David Beckham. Check out our post on undercut hairstyles for ideas.
  • Adding lines to your fade can give your hair an artistic edge.
  • – One of the coolest new styles is the fade and pompadour style, which blends the two popular looks. The shorter sides are highlighted by a pompadour on the top that can be styled messy, slick backed, combed over or parted down the middle.
  • – A great look for women is a kind of side fade, cut higher on one side and longer hair on the comb over.


image2 (2)The possibilities really are endless for where your look can go! Your barber will know which tools to use to get you to your desired outcome. We’ll use the proper size razor, clippers and guard that’s right for your distinct cut. Learn more about our barber services here!

Maintaining The Fade

Once you’ve decided on a great fade haircut, the upkeep of your hair is fairly low maintenance. You’ll wash and condition your hair as you did before and you’ll finish with a light styling cream or gel depending on your exact cut. While you’ll want to come in every few weeks to maintain your dramatic edges, the haircut grows out nicely and is considered pretty easy to maintain.

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Whether it’s your first time considering a new haircut or if you’re ready to take your hair to the next level, our barbers at Tabula Rasa Salon are ready to help. Book an appointment with us today!