4 Ways to Fix Stringy Hair

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Nobody likes when their hair develops a stringy texture and appearance. Stringiness in your hair is usually due to an excess of sebum, the natural oil that the scalp produces to keep your hair healthy. 

While the right amount of sebum makes your hair shiny and soft, too much creates a limp, stringy texture, especially in those with straight or wavy hair that’s on the thinner side.

Sick of stringiness? Here are four ways to fix this hair texture issue in both the short and the long term. 

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Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner 

Hair texture varies from person to person. Some individuals have thin, fine hair, while others have thick and curly hair. Many people fall somewhere in the middle. 

If you’re using shampoo or conditioner that isn’t suitable for your hair type, you’re more likely to develop a stringy texture, even if you’re washing your hair a healthy amount. You should avoid using extra moisturizing products on thin hair in these cases. 

Only Condition Below the Ears 

Have you ever heard of the “ear rule”? This concept uses the idea that applying conditioner to your scalp will create excessive oiliness and stringiness since the roots of your hair are moisturized naturally by sebum. 

You can apply shampoo to your entire head as it reduces oiliness, but you should try out the “ear rule” with conditioner if your hair is stringy.

Apply Some Dry Shampoo 

If you’re looking for a quick fix on your way out the door, dry shampoo is an easy way to reduce an oily, stringy appearance in your hair. This is because dry shampoo absorbs extra oil and increases your hair’s volume.

All you have to do is apply a few sprays to your roots and give your hair a quick brush or tousle to see the full effects. Just don’t overuse dry shampoo, as excessive product use can also cause stringiness in your hair. 

Don’t Miss Your Regular Trim Appointments 

If you feel like you’ve tried everything and your hair is still lying limp and flat, you may simply need a trim. This is especially true if you have thin, fine hair, as this type of hair tends to lose more volume the longer it gets. 

In many cases, a slight trim (enough to get rid of any split ends) can drastically reduce the appearance of stringiness and boost volume. However, if you’re in the mood for a more significant change, you’re sure to see a healthier texture in your hair at the shoulder or even the collarbone length.    

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