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A men’s haircut can be more than just a quick clip and a buzz—but it can also be just that if that’s what you’re looking for! If you want to look your best, you should consider getting your hair professionally styled. Sporting a refined, clean-cut look is a simple yet effective way to help you present your most confident, best self to the outside world. Book an appointment with Tabula Rasa Salon today to get the best men’s haircut in Charleston, SC!

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What We Offer


At Tabula Rasa Salon, we offer a full range of men’s haircut and barber services. Speak with one of our professional stylists to go over exactly how you’d like your cut to look, or ask for advice on taking a new direction. Explore our men’s services:

The Classic Men’s Haircut

When you select this service, we’ll start with a consultation to discuss your preferred style. Then, we’ll lather your hair with shampoo, cut your hair to your preference, finish it with restorative talcum, and style! You can enjoy a hot neck shave as well!

The Tighten Up

A Tighten Up is a quick, simple way to spruce up your hair. With this service, we’ll touch up around your ears and your neckline to give you the clean lines you’re after. You’ll also receive a hot neck shave, a touch up with talcum, and styling. This is the perfect option for regular visitors and those who need to clean up their look fast!

A Beard & Mustache Trim

Facial hair can be difficult to style on your own, especially when it’s grown out a little longer than you’d like. Having a professional stylist to pamper you can be a real treat while helping you to look your best. As always, we’ll start with a consultation, and then we’ll trim your facial hair to your liking. We can apply beard oil to finish so your hair will stay soft and won’t irritate your skin.

Undercuts & Designs

Undercuts and Designs are a huge trend. An undercut is when the back of your head—and the sides, if you prefer—are shaved, while the top of your hair is left longer. In the shaved portion of your hair, our stylists can even create clean, detailed designs of your choice. Come in with some ideas in mind, and we’ll consult with you on how we can execute your vision.

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When you visit Tabula Rasa Salon, you’re sure to get the best men’s haircut in Charleston, SC. Our professional team has years of practice when it comes to cutting and styling men’s hair, so you can trust that the results will be exactly to your liking. Come in with an idea of how you want to enhance your look, and our team will make it happen. We look forward to giving you a refined cut that help you look your best. Book your appointment today!

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