Going From Brown to Blonde

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It seems that no matter what hair color we’re born with, all of us get tempted to try something new every now and then. Going from blonde to brown (or the other way around) can be a tricky color change, though. For some, a few subtle highlights are all that’s needed. Others might prefer an all-over platinum blonde. Then, of course, there’s some who try every shade of the rainbow, just to wind up blonde again. One thing is for sure, when going from brown to blonde it’s always best to visit a professional hair colorist to get the best results, avoiding blotchy streaks and unwanted brassy tones.

Consultation with Your Hair Colorist

During your color consultation when going from brown to blonde, your stylist will evaluate your hair’s current condition, level, and tone. Together, you’ll discover the shade of blonde that will suit your personal style and skin tone best. If you have inspiration photos, be sure to bring them in to show your stylist what you have in mind.

Two helpful words to know when going from brown to blonde or making any hair color change are “level” and “tone.” Level refers to the darkness or lightness of your hair. In hair coloring terms, a “1” rating is given to the darkest black hair, while “11” is given to the lightest blonde. Tone is used to describe whether hair is warm, cool, or neutral. In the case of blondes, when you think of “strawberry blonde,” that’s a warm shade. A “platinum blonde” is cool in tone. And a neutral tone is just what it sounds like—not too warm and not too cool, much like a “baby blonde.”

Going from Brown to Blonde: The Process

image1cIf you have very dark or previously colored hair, your stylist may suggest a gradual lightening process. This means you may need to have two or more salon visits to achieve your desired lightness and tone. If your hair has never been colored or is close in level to your desired blonde, then one visit may be all you need.

If your hair is already colored, your stylist will start by removing the existing pigment with bleach. Once the hair is lightened to the desired level, a toner will be applied. These two steps are referred to as a “double-process.” For those with virgin hair, a “single-process” color can be used. This means that the hair is lightened and then toned within the same step.

Your stylist may recommend mixing Olaplex into your color or lightening formula. Olaplex is a strengthening treatment we feature at Tabula Rasa that helps limit damage to the hair during the lightening process. It’s also available as a stand-alone treatment to help strengthen your hair’s natural bonds.

At-Home Care When Going from Brown to Blonde

As with any salon service, it’s important to follow your stylist’s recommendations for at-home care. Shampoos and conditioners that are formulated for color-treated hair will keep your new blonde hair looking vibrant and healthy between touch-ups. Weekly deep-conditioning treatments are another great way to keep your hair in great shape after lightening your hair from brown to blonde.

Expert Hair Colorists in Charleston, SC

Tabula Rasa stylists and hair colorists are highly trained experts. Whether you want beautiful balayage highlights or an all-over blonde, when you book an appointment with one of our stylist’s, you’ll know you’re in great hands.

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