Is Gray Blending the New Way to Transition Hair Color?

Gray hair is a completely natural occurrence that women can experience throughout their lives. While some women won’t notice a single gray until well after their 40th birthday, some women start to see gray hairs as young as their 20s. 

In the past, gray hair was often unwanted and something to cover up with hair dye. However, enhancing your natural hair is all the rage in the world of hair styling today, and women are embracing their grays with a fun and gorgeous new style: gray blending.

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What Is Gray Blending?

Gray blending is a more relaxed and natural approach to treating your gray hairs so that their beauty is accentuated rather than covered up with color. Using highlighting and balayage techniques, your stylist will blend your grays seamlessly into your hair by creating a wider range of tones, which has a more well-rounded look than hair with a few gray streaks.

How Hair Stylists Are Using Balayage to Gray Blend

Balayage is the perfect technique to use for gray blending, as it’s designed to create a variety of shades throughout your hair. While most traditional balayage looks feature blonde, light brown, or auburn tones, a gray blended balayage feels just as unique and natural. 

If you have some grays that you’d like to blend into your hair but aren’t sure about a full range of gray tones for your overall ‘do’, don’t worry! Your stylist can blend in a variety of other tones that accentuate your natural hair color and your grays. They can make you feel like your authentic self with hints of blonde, brown, auburn, and even black. 

Another great benefit of balayage for gray blending is that very little maintenance is required. Unlike other hairstyles involving color treatment, balayage is applied a few inches down from the roots with the intention that the style will grow out into more of an ombre look over time. You won’t have to be back in the stylist’s chair for several months at least–unless you prefer to maintain that new balayage look.  

Is Gray Blending with Balayage Right for Me?

Gray blending with balayage is a beautiful and eye-catching hairstyle that can suit women of all ages and personal styles. Though gray blending is a natural option for women who have gray hairs, it is important that you’re ready to embrace your grays rather than cover them up, as they certainly will be accentuated! 

Do you have to be going gray to seek a gray blended balayage? Though this hairstyle is best for women who already have some gray hair, ashy blondes could also go the route of a gray blended balayage to change up their look.

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