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Braids are everything! They can go from casual to chic to updo and everywhere in between. They’ve recently garnered even more attention as the go-to look for many social media bloggers. But don’t let their hip looks fool you—braids have actually been a style staple for thousands of years! If you’re looking for great hair braiding in Charleston, SC, make an appointment with Tabula Rasa Salon today!

Beautiful Braids Unite The World


From Greek Goddesses and Egyptian Princesses to African Beauties and Norwegian Youngsters, hair braiding was one of the first ways to dress up hair for both women and men across the globe. Before it was cool to cut your hair, braids were a way to add flare, get together for social activities, or prepare for a beautiful wedding or special event. Today, braids still pop up across the world in many unique styles.

A Twist On The Twisthair braids

The art of hair braiding is constantly evolving. There are countless braid styles available, with many great looks that are perfect for any event or activity. There are beautiful milkmaid braids, fishtail braids and French braids. You can choose large braids, small braids and cornrows. Men and women both have options for getting a cool hair braid style. There are even accessories that can be added to the braids like colored pieces of hair, clips, beads and ribbons. When it comes to hair braiding, the sky is the limit, and there really is something for everyone.

A Unique Touch

Though some braids can be styled at home, there’s nothing like getting your hair braided by an expert. Hair braiding stylists specialize in creating a tight braid that will last throughout your entire event and will look pristine from every angle. Professional stylists know all the new techniques and can make the braids of your dreams become a reality. Stylists can also help craft beautiful wedding updos with braids that will make a lasting impression.

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Hip braid styles are popping up everywhere from Coachella to Bonnaroo to Mommy Blogs and Royal Weddings. There are so many unique options to choose from—form casual to luxurious. Adding a braid to any hair style can make you stand out from the crowd anywhere you go.

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