Boost Your Color & Shine With Hair Gloss Treatment In Charleston, SC!

Have you ever glanced over at someone whose hair seems to catch the light and glisten like a thousand frosted diamonds? Are you envious of that youthful, glowy tone, and would you do anything to know what gave their hair such a healthy sheen? The truth is simple. Years of coloring can leave your hair dull and lacking the shine you once had. Luckily, the professionals at Tabula Rasa Salon can help bring your hair back to its naturally glossy appearance with a great hair gloss treatment in Charleston, SC.

All About That Gloss

FullSizeRender (8)A hair gloss treatment helps to revitalize and brighten the tone of your current color. Applied as a sheer cream or semi-permanent color glaze, the gloss works to close your follicles and moisturize the hair from root to tips while locking in moisture and giving your hair a beautiful shine. The best part? Gloss treatments are a quick and cost-effective way to maintain healthy, radiant color all year round!

Big Hair Benefits

Gloss treatments offer a ton of benefits for your hair care routine. Seriously. Say bye-bye to beach damage and fried follicles and hello to luscious locks. With the changing seasons, it’s the quickest way to take your summer hair into fall while leaving behind the sun and chlorine damage from the previous months. If you’ve never dyed your hair before, a hair gloss treatment can be a great place to start since the color will enhance your natural highlights and will only remain for about six weeks. On the flip, if your highlights are too bright, gloss can help tone them down. Want a deeper, richer winter color? Gloss can do that too. The deep conditioning effects can also leave your hair feeling smooth, while taming fly-aways and calming split ends. If that’s not enough to be excited about, this treatment also works on any hair color—including silver grey.

How It Works

hair gloss treatmentBy closing off the hair follicle, your hair becomes smoother and softer and can reflect the light in the best way. At Tabula Rasa Salon in downtown Charleston, SC, our hair care professionals can give you a gloss treatment while at the shampoo sink. We use only the highest quality gloss treatment products from Redken, a leader in the hair care industry. As an added bonus, it’s absolutely free for first-time clients. The gloss treatment is only available with select stylists, so be sure to ask about it when booking your visit with us!

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To take your hair from dull to fabulous, you need a professional that’s skilled in all the techniques of chic hair care. At Tabula Rasa, our stylists know the importance of giving you the shiny, silky hair you crave. To be the envy of every holiday party, start a hair gloss treatment regimen that will take your look back to bold and beautiful in no time.

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