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If you’re interested in getting hair extensions, one of the first steps is researching the available types. If you’ve already done your research, you’ve likely heard about Hotheads Hair Extensions.

At Tabula Rasa Salon in Charleston, SC, our expert stylists can make your dream look a reality. So, if you’re ready for your new look, or need any kind of hair help, book an appointment with us today!

What Are Hotheads Hair Extensions?

Hotheads Hair Extensions are some of the most popular on the market today, for a good reason. These 100% human hair extensions look and feel as real as extensions can and can help elongate your locks to your exact specifications. 

They also come in a vast selection of colors, and with good care, they can last up to 10 weeks before needing to be replaced.

Hotheads Hair Extensions FAQ

Before you commit to any kind of extensions, it’s important to know some basic information about what to expect once you have them put in–as well as some upkeep details to keep them looking and feeling beautiful. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Hotheads Hair Extensions.

How Do You Wash Hotheads Extensions?

When washing your hair with extensions, the most important thing to remember is to use gentle motions in a single direction. Only move with your hair’s natural flow, and don’t use any aggressive motions while washing, as this could cause serious tangling in your extensions. 

For best results, you should use the Hotheads branded shampoo, which is specially formulated for extensions. Never apply your conditioner close to your extensions’ tape tabs, and avoid products with oil, sulfate, or an alcohol base.

Why Are They Changing Color?

Hotheads Hair Extensions and other types of hair extensions can change color when naturally occurring mineral deposits interact with the hair’s proteins. Not only can this cause color change, but it can also affect the texture and brightness of the extensions. A clarifying shampoo can help prevent this from happening.

Why Do They Feel Heavy?

If your Hotheads Hair Extensions feel heavy, you may have applied too many pieces at once. Communicate with your hair stylist about how your extensions are feeling, and they’ll be able to provide a solution for you.

Are Hotheads Extensions Expensive?

Hotheads Hair Extensions may not be the cheapest option, but that is because the quality of this product is higher than that of most competitors. We believe the extensions are fairly priced for what they achieve. 

Hotheads are proud to be at the forefront of hair extension technology with better volume, dynamic color, and longevity. Additionally, Hotheads only use real human hair, which not all hair extension brands can claim.

How Can I Prevent Them from Falling Out?

Nobody wants their extensions to fall out prematurely. To prevent this from happening, make sure you wait at least 24 hours from your appointment to wash your hair and don’t use hair products too close to the roots.

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Hotheads Hair Extensions are the perfect choice for women looking to naturally extend and volumize their hair with a high-quality product. Set up your Hotheads application appointment today at Tabula Rasa!