How Many Rows of Extensions Do I Need?

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Extensions are one of the hottest trends in the hair world. While extensions used to be incredibly expensive and accessible to only celebrities and the ultra-wealthy, hair technology has come a long way, and today extensions are more affordable and accessible than ever. 

If you are thinking about getting extensions, you may be wondering how many rows you need. Like many things in hair, the answer is: it depends. 

When you are looking for a little extra volume, you may only need one row of extensions. If you are looking for extra volume and a lot of length, you may need two to three. Read on to learn more about the different purposes of extensions and find out the answer to how many rows of extensions do I need?

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Extensions to Thicken Natural Hair

Most people think of extensions as a way to change up your look and get extra long hair. While this is one purpose of extensions, it’s not the only one. Extensions are also commonly used to supplement natural hair, creating a more full and voluminous look. 

If you are looking to get extensions for a little extra volume, one to two rows of extensions will probably be sufficient. One row of quality Bellami hair or Hothead extensions can make a big difference in overall volume. For those looking for mega volume or those with hair on the finer side, two rows is a good idea.

Extensions to Lengthen Natural Hair

Many people turn to extensions for longer hair. They are the easiest way to achieve the look of years of hair growth in just a few hours. If you are hoping to achieve the look of long hair with your extensions, you’ll need two to three rows of extensions. 

Installing multiple rows enables your stylist to blend your new hair with your old hair, making it look as natural as possible. Installing just one row will make it more difficult to blend, and it can look more obvious that you have extensions. 

If you have shorter hair and are trying to achieve a look of significantly longer hair, your stylist may recommend three rows to allow for the most natural look. Remember, you can always start with two or three rows and add or subtract a row at your next appointment.

How Many Rows of Extensions Do I Need?

Doing your own extensions research is important, but there’s no replacement for discussing your options with our stylists. A hairstylist has years of experience installing extensions and can help you determine exactly what you want. 

If you are new to extensions, the best thing to do is to book a consultation appointment to walk through everything you are looking for. This extra step will help ensure that you walk away happy with your extensions investment.

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