How to Achieve the Slicked-Back Braid Ponytail

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The slicked-back braid ponytail is popular among people with various hair colors, types, and lengths. This look is effortlessly chic while pairing perfectly with many different styles. You can rock a slicked-back braid ponytail on a day out with friends, a romantic dinner date, or even a formal work event.

Wondering how to achieve the perfect slicked-back braid ponytail? Here are a few products to help you create this look and keep it in place perfectly.

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Products and Tools You’ll Need

You’ll need a great teasing comb and edge brush to ensure your hair has volume where you want and not where you don’t. Additionally, as with any slicked hairstyle, make sure you have high-hold hairspray and hair gel on hand. 

While collecting the special products you’ll need for this look, don’t forget the basics, including two strong hair ties. If you have thick hair, you may want to have several extra hair ties on hand in case of snapping. 

Many people also use toothbrushes for their slicked-back braid ponytail to make sure their part is perfectly even.

Ways to Spice Up Your Slicked-Back Braid Ponytail

The classic slicked-back braid ponytail is a stylish and chic look that can be worn proudly in a variety of different settings. However, depending on the event and your personal style, you may want to find ways to spice up this look to make it even more unique and interesting. 

Here are a few ways you can update the classic slicked-back braid ponytail to suit your unique look and hair type. 

Add Baby Hair Detailing

If you have baby hairs near your hairline that you struggle to keep down in slicked-back hairstyles, a great way to solve the problem is to leave your baby hairs out. 

In fact, many people choose to intentionally style their baby hairs to create unique patterns and shapes, creating a completely unique take on the slicked-back braid ponytail. Just make sure you have plenty of high-hold hair gel and hairspray to keep your baby hairs in place.

Leave the Ends Loose 

When most people style their hair with a slicked-back braid ponytail, they make the braid as long as possible with just a little bit of hair left out at the end. However, intentionally leaving several inches of hair at the bottom of your braid can create an even more casual and laid-back take on the slicked-back braid ponytail. 

Add Pins and Barrettes for Pops of Color

The slicked-back braid ponytail looks sleek and chic on its own, but what if you’re looking for a way to stand out? Try adding colorful barrettes and pins in key places to make your hairstyle even more eye-catching.

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