How to Get the ‘90s Blowout Hair Trend

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Remember when blowouts were all the rage in the ‘90s? Yeah, we do too. Fortunately, this volume-packed hairstyle is coming back in modern trends and styles!

Years of thinner, looser waves and curls have taken over the hair scene, but big bouncy blowouts are back, baby. Here’s how you can replicate the ‘90s blowout look. It’s simpler than you might think. 

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Pump Up Your Hair’s Volume

The first step to any good blowout is to volumize your hair. The best way to do this is to use volumizing hair products in the shower. 

Volumizing shampoo and conditioner will give your hair more body and life. When you blow dry it, that volume will shine through as you create your ‘90s blowout look. 

You can also use a comb to lightly tease your roots before or after a blowout. This makes your hair look thicker and fuller without damaging your desired hairstyle. 

Have a Round Brush Ready for Blow Drying

The best way to get an effortless blowout look is to use a round-style brush. Round brushes give your hair more shape and volume than a comb or normal-shaped brush. 

The key to achieving a sexy, voluminous blowout is to round-brush your hair while you blow-dry it. So have your round brushes ready for action as soon as you’re about to turn on the hair dryer. 

Work on Small Sections at a Time

Don’t worry about your whole head just yet. Take everything slowly — use a clip or hair tie to section off your hair and work on small or medium-sized sections at a time. This will give your hair extra body and volume since the round brush and hairdryer capture every single strand. 

Trying to do a whole-head blowout at once probably won’t work, and if it does, it won’t stay past a day or two. Sectioning your hair ensures this hairstyle works for you all week. 

Use Rollers for Extra Volume

If your hair isn’t as big and bouncy as you’d like after your blowout, try using special hair rollers. These tools can give extra volume and body to your hair without sacrificing the blowout style. Many professional hairstylists use rollers after every blowout to make the style last longer and remain pumped up. 

You don’t have to use rollers, but we highly recommend using them to enhance your blowout style. The thinner and flatter your hair is, the more it can benefit from additional curling methods like hair rollers. 

Use a Light Hair Spray to Lock Everything in Place

Now that you have the perfect ‘90s blowout capture it with your favorite lightweight hair spray. Don’t use an excessive amount, or you’ll risk weighing down your hair and sacrificing your blowout aesthetic. Instead, use a low or medium-hold hair spray to keep your hair exactly where it is. 

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