How to Store Your Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions are a popular choice for women looking to quickly add some length or volume to their hair. Good quality extensions are easy to clip in and style, but they do require some special care if you want them to last. 

Improperly stored extensions can fall victim to matting, mold and bacteria growth, and other problems that render them unusable. Luckily, it only takes a few minutes each day to keep your hair extensions looking fabulous. Keep reading to learn how to store your hair extensions to prolong their life. 

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Ensure All Clips Are Closed 

After taking out your clip-on extensions, make sure every clip is closed. It can be tempting to just toss them to the side as you unclip your extensions after a long day, but it will cause damage over time. It’s easiest if you close each clip as you take them out and place them in a neat stack to prepare for storage. 

Brush Your Extensions

You should always brush your extensions before storing them to ensure they’re tangle-free. Carefully brush your extensions one at a time, starting at the tips and slowly working up to the roots. This is the best method to minimize breakage and hair loss. 

Choose Your Storage Option

Now that your extensions are ready to be stored, you have the choice between three easy storage methods. 

Storage Box

Many women make the mistake of throwing out the storage box their hair extensions come in. However, this is probably the easiest way to store your hair extensions. 

Secure your freshly brushed extensions with a ponytail holder at the roots. Then, carefully twirl them into a cinnamon bun shape and place them in the box. 

If you already threw out your storage box, don’t panic. You can use basically any box as long as it’s clean, dry, and sturdy. 

Carrier Bag

Carrier bags for hair extensions are similar to hanging garment bags. They are, essentially, a hanger with a fabric bag attached that protects your extensions. Carrier bags are ideal for travel and allow your extensions to hang naturally and breathe rather than being bundled up. 

To store your extensions in a carrier bag, simply clip the brushed extensions onto the hanger one at a time, zip up the bag, and hang it somewhere secure. 


If you use your extensions several times a week, it may be more convenient to store them on a regular hanger rather than in a carrier bag. Simply clip the wefts onto the hanger and hang them in your closet. 

Other Considerations 

Regardless of what storage method you choose, you should always make sure to store your extensions in a cool, dry room and away from direct sunlight to prevent sun damage. And when you wash your extensions, make sure they are completely dry before you store them anywhere.  

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