How to Style Short Straight Hair

Straight hair can be extremely versatile, but you have to know how to properly style it. Have you already gone the pixie cut route or tried a simple bob? Are you looking for a more straightforward solution that shaves time off your get-ready routine? Or do you want something new and exciting to try? You’ve come to the right place!

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Add More Layers

This style gives your hair more depth and creates visual interest, making it a great do to do. Many people prefer to cut their hair in a simple bob with some layers around the bottom. However, you can add those layers up and stack them up in the back if you prefer. 

To achieve a tousled look, you can start by applying some product to damp hair. Blow-dry the hair using a styling brush. This technique creates volume and reinforces the sleekness of the hair. Finally, you can smooth it using a flatiron to create the style you want. 

Make Some Waves

Even if you have short straight hair, you aren’t limited to only wearing it straight. Try to create some natural beachy waves by applying your product to damp hair. Put your hair up in an old t-shirt to dry for 15 to 20 minutes. You should have some natural waves that can add volume to your bob when you take it out. 

If you prefer to use styling tools, you can also use your flatiron to make some gentle waves and texture with your hair. Heat protectant and a little salt spray never hurt, either!

Keep It Sleek

Short straight hair can be a great asset to you if you know how to style it well. Take advantage of your natural texture by cutting in a way that emphasizes its sleekness. You can create a blunt bob with a dramatic angle, which looks excellent when hair is as smooth and straight as possible. 

Emphasize the straightness of your hair by creating a clean part一this can be straight down the center or off to the side. Apply your gel to damp hair (or use a serum or balm to get that wet hair look à la Bella and Rhianna) and blow dry using a round brush to curl the ends under. If your hair still is not as sleek as you would like, run a flat iron through it. Make sure to take the straightener as close to the roots as possible for a consistent look. 

Let Professionals Help

What type of style do you want to achieve with your short hair? The possibilities are practically endless, especially if you consult professionals. A hairdresser can take your favorite celebrity hairstyles or “inspo pics” and bring your short hairstyle goals to life.

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