How to Improve Your Hair Health

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Maintaining luscious, vibrant locks is easy when you have a proper hair care routine. Depending on the type and level of damage to your hair, you may need to take some steps to help restore your hair’s health. Here’s how to improve your hair health!

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General Hair Care Tips

Here are some general hair care tips all individuals should incorporate into their routine:

Adjust your shower habits. Reduce how often you wash with shampoo and use lukewarm water to prevent the removal of natural oils. Apply shampoo to the scalp and conditioner to your ends to avoid a greasy appearance. Avoid breaking your ends by patting your hair with a towel when wet instead of rubbing.

Be careful with heat. Air dry your hair as often as possible. When you do apply heat, use a heat protectant to preserve your locks. Never curl or straighten your hair when wet to avoid severe damage.

Be picky with products. When it comes to hair care products, less is more. Our stylists can help you choose a few high-quality products to enhance your specific hair type. Contact Us.

Make regular salon visits. The longer you wait beyond the time you’re due for a trim or touch-up, the more damaged your hair will become. Book Appointment.

Tips for Heat-Damaged Hair

Here are some important tips for improving the health of heat-damaged hair:

Conditioning is key. A professional deep hair conditioning treatment can help restore moisture and repair the broken bonds of your hair. You should also always apply a leave-in conditioner after showering.

Get a cut. Cutting away damaged hair is the most effective way to make room for new, healthy hair growth. Book Appointment.

Improve your diet. Ensure your diet is filled with key hair-strengthening ingredients, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, folic acids, and biotin.

Adjust your heat habits. In addition to the above suggestions, also reduce the temperature and frequency in which you apply heat to your locks.

Tips for Frequently-Dyed Hair

Here are some important tips for improving the health of frequently-dyed hair:

Wait at least 72 hours before washing your hair after getting it dyed. During this time, your cuticle layer is exposed, and washing it could remove the dye and cause damage.

-Keep your hair hydrated, as the dying process removes essential natural oils. Leave-in conditioners or a deep conditioning treatment can help nourish your hair.

-Consider Olaplex. Olaplex is designed to further protect and repair your locks during coloring. Request an Olaplex hair treatment at your next appointment to have this restorative product applied at each stage of the dying process.

Make an Appointment with Tabula Rasa

A crucial way to improve your hair health is to visit your stylist as soon as you’re due for a touch-up. Don’t put off making your next appointment, or your locks may need additional restoration. Whether you’re ready for a trim, deep conditioning treatment, or new style, our team at Tabula Rasa Salon in Charleston, SC will help enhance your look. Make an appointment with us today to keep your hair happy and healthy!