Lightening & Removing Black Hair Dye: Everything You Need to Know

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Oops! Have you gone dark and are regretting it? Maybe you just need to tone it down to a lighter color as it ended up darker than you wanted. Unfortunately, black hair dye is one of the hardest dyes to remove from your hair. That said, it’s definitely possible! Read on to learn about different methods for removing or lightening black hair dye.

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How to Lighten or Remove Black Hair Dye

There are four common methods for removing black hair dye, listed here in order from least to most intense. With any method, you’ll need to be patient and take your time with this process to avoid damage!

Clarifying Shampoo or Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

When using a dark dye like black, a lot of dye is applied and it builds up in your hair. Using a clarifying shampoo can help remove this buildup and will also not damage your hair in any way.

To start, simply replace your normal shampoo with a clarifying shampoo and use it a few times each time you shampoo. If you’re in a rush, you can use the clarifying shampoo a lot over the course of one or two days, but be aware that you’ll need to combat the dryness that this causes.

Anti-dandruff and chelating shampoos can be another option as they have a similar effect in stripping out hair dye.

Hair Dye Remover

Hair dye remover, as the name implies, is a good method for getting rid of your hair dye. Why? Because it actually helps reverse the hair dyeing process by breaking down the oxidized color. This enables you to simply wash the color out of your hair without causing any needless damage.

If you’re lucky, you can get away with using hair dye remover without having to resort to bleach. Just be sure to follow the hair dye remover instructions carefully and be prepared to combat any dryness that it might cause.

Bleach Wash

A bleach wash is gentler on your hair than a full head bleach, since it’s diluted. It won’t lighten your hair in the same way as a full head bleach, but it will help to get rid of any dark hair dye that’s gotten built up in your hair.

This is a good method to try after you’ve first tried a clarifying shampoo and hair dye remover already. As always, just proceed carefully and follow all instructions. Making a bleach wash is relatively straightforward and less risky than with a full head bleach.

Full Head Bleach

The last method for lightening or removing black hair dye is the full head bleach. This method should only be undertaken if you’ve first tried the other three methods, or at least the first two. Since bleach is damaging to hair, you want to use as little as possible. This means that the more dye you can get out beforehand with the other methods the better.

If you need to lighten your hair by multiple shades, though, a full head bleach is your best bet. Just take care with this process and understand that you may want to accept your current hair color or try a different method if your hair is already fragile or damaged.

Alternative Methods

If you’re not keen on the above methods, you might investigate the following alternative methods, though there’s less of a guarantee of their effectiveness:

  • Baking soda
  • Dish soap
  • Vitamin C

Wrapping Up

Hey, nearly everyone has done something with their hair that they regret. Try not to panic! Just remember to go slow and steady, and ideally start with the less-damaging methods so that your hair is likely to stay healthier along the way.

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