Olaplex Hair Treatment in Charleston, SC

We know you love your hair when you get it colored. But we also know it can be a pain to repeat this process just a few short months later. Now, with our Olaplex hair treatment at Tabula Rasa Salon, you can say goodbye to this dilemma once and for all. Learn more about the treatment, and book an appointment with us in Charleston, SC to get color that lasts!

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What is Olaplex?


Olaplex is specifically designed to protect, repair, and maintain your hair when you get it colored. Any time that die is applied, it weakens your locks, which causes them to become dried out and brittle. However, when Olaplex is applied at each stage of the coloring process, it strengthens the broken bonds of your hair at the molecular level to give you amazing shine and softness. Plus, because of its intense restorative power, it also prevents your coloring from fading—providing you with long-lasting shine.

A Three-Part Treatment


The treatment works best when all three Olaplex products are used. Take a look:

-Bond Multiplier. This is the first salon product used. It kickstarts the restorative process of rebuilding the bonds in your hair. Your stylist mixes this into your color treatment.

-Bond Perfector. To ensure maximum softness and strength, the Bond Perfector is applied after your color is rinsed from your locks at the bowl.

-Hair Perfector. In order to maintain your hair’s new color and strength, use this take-home product once a week for hair that looks and feels like perfection.

Should I Get the Olaplex Treatment?


Anyone who gets their hair colored on a regular basis should consider Olaplex treatment. If your hair is damaged from intensive dyes, you’ll find that after trying out the three steps, it will be rid of any dryness and brittleness. Even if your hair isn’t showing visible damage, Olaplex is also intended to prevent it from ever occurring—that’s why we recommend that Olaplex be used with any sort of dye treatment. Plus, you’ll gain the added benefit of color that lasts longer along with silky smooth hair that has a gorgeous, unparalleled luster. This is truly an all-in-one product that brings out the best in your luscious locks.

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Is it time for you to get your hair recolored or touched up? If so, make an appointment with us at Tabula Rasa Salon in Charleston, SC. When you do, be sure to ask us about our Olaplex hair treatment to prevent damage and restore your locks. Our professional stylists are looking forward to making your hair look and feel its happiest and healthiest—come visit us today!

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