Pixie Cuts In Charleston, SC

image2 (2)The pixie cut is back and cuter than ever! This iconic cut can be casual, tough or jaw-droppingly stunning. Rocking the pixie cut opens the door for you to embrace whatever kind of style you want to present. Go for an edgy, sophisticated, adorable or just plain cool look. From the runways to the red carpet, the pixie is making its appearance known. For the best pixie cuts in Charleston, SC, make an appointment with us at the Tabula Rasa Salon!

The Past Life Of The Pixie

When women’s hairstyles emerged blazing from the roaring 20s, singers like Josephine Baker paved the way by ditching the bob for an even shorter style cut. The pixie cut took Hollywood by storm and was showcased by stars like Audrey, Liza and Twiggy. Next, the pixie style was rocked by Haley, Rhianna and Michelle who took the style to a whole new level. Today, stars like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence have given the pixie its new edgy, rockstar feel.

Achieving The Perfect Pixie Cut

image4There are several different variations of this cut, and they’re easy to achieve. Pixie cuts are a short style created by leaving only about an inch of hair or less all around. Variations come with length, choice of bangs styling and where the part will fall. You may choose to leave bangs long and slick, short and feathered, soft and piecey or with an asymmetrical edge. For the part, you can choose either center or side. Today, the shorter the pixie cut, the better.

The best part about the pixie? The cut looks great on nearly everyone and can look amazing at any age. At Tabula Rasa Salon in Charleston, SC, your personal stylist will talk to you about the right length and shaping for your face.

Styling Options

One of the best parts about pixie cuts is their versatility. You can go from daytime cutie to date night stunner by adding just a little volume. You may choose to slick back your pixie, poof it up high or texturize for a tough and fun look. Adding vibrant color to your pixie can up the ante.

If you have hair that’s hard to work with or has natural curl, your stylist can show you the best way to conquer the problem and achieve the look you desire. The cut is universally easy to take care of and fun to style—and that makes it a great choice for many on-the-go clients.

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