Pixie Cuts for Fine Hair: All You Need to Know  

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Pixie cuts are a popular hairstyle for people of all hair types. No matter what your personal style might be, a chic pixie cut can complement your look. Additionally, pixie cuts are generally much easier to keep up than longer looks that require consistent styling.  

If you have fine hair, you may feel somewhat limited with the types of hairstyles you are able to pull off confidently. Usually, having fine hair means it’s difficult to maintain volume without using teasing or volumizing products consistently.   

However, volume is actually more attainable for people with fine hair when they rock a shorter look, such as a pixie cut.  

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Can a Pixie Work With Fine Hair?  

The answer is yes, absolutely! Even though you might find styling your hair to be trickier when your strands are naturally fine, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try out a style you’ve had your eye on.   

In fact, pixie cuts may actually be one of the best choices for people with especially fine or even thinning hair, as they can make this condition less noticeable and also flatter the face. The right hair stylist will be able to design the perfect pixie for you so that you leave the salon feeling completely confident in your look.  

Best Pixie Cuts for Fine Hair  

Pixie cuts are generally described as a very short hairstyle that hugs the head and doesn’t extend much past the ears. However, there are still various ways to wear a pixie cut that might suit fine hair better.   

Take a look at these two types of pixies that can each achieve different aesthetics and give you the pixie cut of your dreams.  

Clean Pixie  

Have you ever seen a celeb on the red carpet with a slick, super-short haircut that looked completely elegant? This is called the clean pixie and is a version of the classic haircut that uses minimal layering to create a smooth and sleek look.   

This type of pixie is great for people who wear a more formal look often and enjoy that type of elevated aesthetic. However, to keep it looking polished, some hair products like gels or mousses might be required on a semi-regular basis.  

Edgy, Textured Pixie  

What if you’re looking for a more edgy and eye-catching effect with your pixie cut? In that case, ask your hairstylist for an edgy or textured pixie. This look is achieved with lots of layering to create a more disheveled yet gorgeous look.   

This type of pixie is great for people with thin hair as it creates more of an illusion of volume than the clean pixie. This volume is thanks to the careful layering your hairstylist will create during your appointment.  

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