What Are the Pros and Cons of Thinning Out Your Hair? 

Posted: March 3, 2022 By:

You’re about to sit down in the stylist’s chair and you wonder whether your hair is too thick and unmanageable. If your stylist suggests thinning it out, you might ask if this is a wise decision for your style and hair type. 

There are many advantages to thinning out your hair, but you have to balance them with the possible disadvantages. 

Before you take the thinning shears to your tresses, here’s everything you need to know about thinning out your hair. 

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Pro: Control Volume

If you have extremely thick hair that’s challenging to manage, thinning out your mane might help you control its volume. Thinning some tresses will cut down on the time you take to style your hair. Along with that, it makes hair significantly more manageable for brushing and combing. 

Pro: Reduce Flatness

Are you disappointed when your post-cut hair looks flat? One solution could be to ask your stylist about thinning out your hair in some places. This is often enough to reduce the flat appearance of a new cut, because it creates a little volume in strategic areas. It also lets your stylist sculpt your hair to complement the shape of your head. 

Pro: Blend Layers

Longer layered haircuts or shorter styles such as a pixie cut can both benefit from thinning out the hair. Your stylist can use thinning shears to help blend layers and pieces to create a cohesive style. This keeps your hair from looking too choppy. It also allows your stylist to texturize your hair. 

Con: Frizzy Hair

One downside to thinning out your hair is that it could lead to some serious issues with frizz control. The scissors used to thin out hair can harm individual strands, which may lead to more split ends and damaged hair in the long run. As a result, your hair will only continue to get frizzier until your next haircut. 

Con: Damage to Curly Hair

Another challenge when working with thinning shears is when they’re applied to curly hair. It is possible that a hairstylist could damage your curls or cause them to frizz excessively. 

This is a relatively common occurrence, so make sure your stylist has experience working with curly hair and the thinning shears before you allow them to cut your locks. 

Use Thinning to Your Advantage

Thinning out your hair has benefits and drawbacks. If you have thick, straight hair or you want to blend your cut’s layers, then thinning it out might be the solution you’ve been looking for to achieve a sleeker style. 

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