Top Hair Color Trends in 2020

Are you hoping to change up the look of your hair? Explore these top hair color trends of 2020 for inspiration. Whether you’re looking to go bold or make a subtle switch, the following styles are sure to enhance your look!

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All-Over Color

All-over coloring in bold shades has made an exciting emergence this year. Some of the most popular colors we’ve seen include:

Rainbow Hues. Vivid colors like aqua blue, deep purple, and hot pink have made a daring, eye-catching statement in 2020! These colors also look beautiful in pastel shades.

Orchard Red. A more understated color, orchard red is a cousin of strawberry blonde. It has a deep, red hue with copper tones that looks fabulous on fairer skin.

Smoky Ice. Smoky ice is a toned-down, silver-grey color. It doesn’t have as much shine as pure silver, and it borders on the edge of white.

Jet Black. Don’t want to go light with your locks? All-over jet black coloring has increased in popularity in 2020. Black hair tends to look fuller and provides an unmatched shininess.

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Bold Roots

We have great news for those who enjoy a low-maintenance hairdo—bold roots are in! If you often dye your hair blonde, simply let your roots grow out to display their natural color. The contrast between the light base and the dark roots provides the edge you need to change up your style!

Contrasting Balayage

Balayages have been popular for quite some time now. However, in 2020, people are playing with balayages in more contrasting colors. Some interesting new combinations we’ve seen include:

-A dark brown base mixed with a light brown or blonde

-A light brown base mixed with dark brown or blonde

-A blonde base mixed with copper or light brown

Bright Ombre

We all know the classic ombre look that transitions from a dark base to light ends. But in 2020, a new twist has emerged by incorporating bright hues with natural hair colors. It looks gorgeous when a chocolate brown base slowly fades into a fun yet subtle purple color!

But this isn’t the only ombre trend we’ve seen this year! People have begun to experiment with reverse ombres in vivid hues. A light color such as a pretty pink covers the roots, and it slowly fades and blends beautifully into a darker tone such as copper-blonde.

Improve & Preserve Your Color

When dying your hair, you’ll get the best results when you prep your locks for a color treatment. At Tabula Rasa Salon, we offer a variety of services to improve hair coloring and help ensure your look lasts longer. From our Olaplex treatment and base break services to our glosses, we want you to get the most out of your coloring.

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