Vivid Hair Color Salon in Charleston, SC

Do you want to try something energetic and fun? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Take your style from drab to fab with vivid hair color services in Charleston, SC from Tabula Rasa Salon.

image1The Vivid Hair Color Trend

Bright hair colors first swept through Paris Fashion Week and made their way to Hollywood where the fun hues gained acclaim on the Red Carpet. Stars like Kylie Jenner, Jade Thirlwall and Katy Perry frequently sport vivid hues, sporting styles just as big as their personalities. Now it’s the hottest thing to hit the nation. At Tabula Rasa Salon in Charleston, SC, we offer professional hair coloring services to make sure your hair makes a big statement.

Get The Color You Crave

When it comes to choosing a color, the possibilities are truly endless! You can hit the beach with a mermaid-inspired hue or go all out with a rainbow pallet that’s sure to turn heads. If you prefer to stay a little closer to your natural hue but still want to have a little fun, you can try a nice ombre or balayage style. The ombre has been on the scene for a while but it’s still as hot as ever. A traditional ombre is darker at the roots and lighter at the tips. A reverse ombre has darker tips with lighter roots. A balayage style comes from the French technique of painting the hair to give the impression of all-over, gradual highlights. One of our favorite trends to hit the salon is the metallic look, which takes your normal hue and transforms your hair into a sleek and shiny texture that’s as cool as it is touchable.

Vivid hair color charlestonDive In With Vivid Color

It’s easy to get a great vivid hair color from a professional, but it will take a little bit more love than your typical color regimen. If you’re moving from a darker hue to a lighter one, you’ll start with a vivid-color pre-lightening treatment that will start your transformation. When getting vivid color or highlights, we suggest you use our magic OLAPLEX treatment, which helps reconnect the disulfide sulfur bonds in your hair and limits damage during or after coloring. The OLAPLEX treatment really is an important step to getting you to your brightest blonde. Once your base color is established, you’ll then receive your choice of ombre, balayage or vivid all-over color.

Maintaining Your Hue

To keep your hair looking as fabulous as possible, you’ll need to wash with a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, and be sure to rinse with cold water. When you’re ready for a touch-up, the Tabula Rasa team offers vivid retouch color to keep you looking as fierce as you know you are.

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Our styling professionals love to transform your hair into a living work of art. If you’re ready for your hair to reach its peak potential, book a coloring appointment with Tabula Rasa Salon today.