Volumizing Haircuts for Thin Long Hair

Long, thin hair tends to fall flat without the proper hairdo. Luckily, there’s a simple fix to this frustrating dilemma. These four volumizing haircuts for thin, long hair will provide you with fullness unlike ever before. Explore these cuts to find the style that works best for you, and visit Tabula Rasa Salon in Charleston, SC today!

Interior Layering with a Deep Point Cut

There’s no better way to volumize long, thin locks than adding internal layers with a point-cut technique. Point cutting simply refers to cutting hair in a vertical motion rather than horizontally. This is a tried-and-true technique that’s known to provide locks with additional texture and movement.

Interior layering involves cutting the underside of your hair in a variety of lengths. When this is done with a deep point cut, the interior layers bolster the exterior layer of hair to increase its volume while maintaining its length. You’ll love how this unique cut provides you with such a dynamic look that never falls flat!

Any Style Lob

A “lob” is a shortened term for a “long bob.” Don’t be afraid of this length. A lob will still ensure your hair falls either at or just below your shoulders, whichever you prefer. This haircut instantly provides your hair with the shape it’s been missing. There are a few different styles of lobs, and they all work wonderfully for giving the illusion of thickness:

Diagonal lob. Your hair will be cut at an angle so that it’s shorter toward the back and longer toward the front.

Asymmetrical lob. This style features different lengths on either side of your hair, offering an edgy look.

Blunt lob. With this cut, your ends will be cut at one length for a style that’s minimalistic and sleek.

Face-Framing Layers

Haircuts that provide any sort of additional movement will instantly make your hair look thicker. That’s why something as simple as adding wispy, face-framing layers can change your entire style. Mixing in these shorter strands around the top layer of hair will give you extra bounce and structure. Plus, this look still allows you to keep the base of your hair at the long length you enjoy.


One of the best ways to give shape to hair that doesn’t have much dimension is by adding bangs. There are three main styles of bangs to choose from, each offering a unique aesthetic:

Blunt bangs rest across your forehead at one even length. They usually fall just above your eyebrows and provide a striking look.

Side-swept bangs sweep across your forehead to one side. Side-swept bangs beautifully frame your face and are a cute option if you don’t want to fully commit to blunt bangs.

Face-framing bangs rest on both sides of your face and are about chin length. This look is subtle but provides just enough change to make your hair look fuller.

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These four volumizing haircuts for thin, long hair will bring life back into your locks! When you’re ready to try out one of these new hairstyles, Tabula Rasa Salon in Charleston, SC is here to help enhance your look. Make an appointment with us today for a refined new do. You’ll love having fuller, luscious locks!