Fashion Color is for the extreme color guru, if you like to make a statement you will with our various rainbow hues.  Fashion Color typically needs a little more love with frequent visits to the salon, color care shampoo and conditioner and always rinse with cool water!

When Pre-Lightening we suggest you add OLAPLEX to your service.  OLAPLEX is a bond multiplier treatment that is added to your color, lightener or as a hair treatment to restore your hair.  When added to your lightener, OLAPLEX will reconnect disulfide sulfur bonds in your hair which limits damage to the hair during or after colouring services.  Basically it is our magic tool for all our guests wanting to be as BLONDE as possible.  It is a must when going from Brunette to Blonde.

All salon pricing is subject to change depending on the stylist you see and the level of stylist. All vivid services request a consultation in person or phone prior to service date. We require a $100 deposit to secure any vivid appointments. Any cancellation prior to 24 hour notice the deposit will not be refunded.

Each stylist has their own pricing and our menu works as follows:  $150 and up. This means the color can cost more than the starting price depending on the stylist you see, condition of hair, and hair color market price. Please value our time as we value each of our clients time in a professional service.


Balayage color is a french color technique that is hand painted into the hair. Balayage color is the perfect summer highlight!

Ombre Color is typically deeper at the roots and lighter at the end, we suggest this technique to be retouched every 3 months.

Tabula Rasa Salon is certified in Balayage Color, Ombre` Color, Mutlidemensonial color and the latest Fashion Color.