Pixie Cuts & Bobs Are Back in 2024

There’s no better way to start a new year than with a brand-new look, and according to current trends, bobs and pixie cuts are seriously coming back. If you’ve been rocking long locks for a while and are looking to change it up, maybe this is your sign to chop it for a fresh start to 2024! 

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Why Pixie Cuts Are Trending in 2024

Nostalgia meets modern edge: The pixie was the cut to have in the early 2000s, but pixies today aren’t just a throwback. They incorporate a modern edge like choppy textures, bold colors, and asymmetrical cuts. 

Low-maintenance: Low-maintenance will never go out of style for those who have goals to reach and things to get done. Pixies are effortless and cool while giving you the time to live your life.  

Individuality in the spotlight: Short styles show off your cheekbones and unique facial features so that one pixie never looks the same as another. 

Celebrity inspiration: With big stars like Zendaya, Ursula Corberó, and Kristen Stewart rocking bold pixie cuts, it’s little wonder they’re taking off. 

Why Bobs Are Trending in 2024

The 90s are back: Bobs were in back in the 90s and now they are making a major comeback. Try adding a modern edge with texture, layers, and bold colors. 

Versatility: Bobs are really adaptable. You can have a shorter micro bob for a chic look or a longer bob that can be put up or let loose. 

Effortless elegance: Bobs have less maintenance than other styles, which is great for busy women on the go. With the right cut and products, you can effortlessly create a quick and easy look.

Flattering faces of all shapes: The great thing about a bob is that it will flatter almost any face from blunt cuts that add definition to round faces or textured bobs for angular features.

Red carpet influence: Florence Pugh and Lucy Boynton both rocked the bob recently, putting it back in the spotlight. 

Chic Bobs & Pixies to Try in 2024

Not sure where to start when it comes to bobs and pixies? Most people think of these hairstyles as simply short cuts, but there are actually several different types of bobs and pixies that all have unique looks and styling opportunities. Let’s take a look:

Classic ‘90s Bob

90s bob

Everyone knows that ‘90s trends have been coming back in a big way, and one of this era’s most well-known hairstyles is no different. The ‘90s bob is characterized by lots of volume and roughly mid-neck length, allowing you to rock your ‘do loose or pull it up into a butterfly clip for added 90s nostalgia. 

Italian Bob

Italian bob

If you like a little more length but still want to give shorter hair a try, the Italian bob might be the perfect compromise for you. This full-bodied and smooth style falls right around the shoulders. 

With the added inches, you can pull your hair into a slick updo or let it fall where it may, giving you the flirtiness and fun of a short hairstyle with the versatility of a longer look. 

Curly Pixie

curly pixie

Imagine the quintessential pixie cut: short to the scalp on the sides and maybe a little extra length on the top. Now, picture this chic, edgy look with some volume and curls. 

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, don’t think that the pixie cut isn’t for you! That just means you can rock a pixie cut that adds extra texture to this short hairstyle.  

Pixie Bob

pixie bob

What if you want to meet in the middle between a pixie cut and a bob? With the pixie bob, compromise has never looked so good. The pixie bob is cut to be slightly longer than the traditional pixie cut with a bit more volume on the top and sides, creating the perfect face frame and an easily styleable length. 

Micro Bob

micro bob

If you want to start your new year with a drastic change or are even flirting with the idea of a pixie cut, you may want to consider a micro bob. This chop is the perfect compromise between long, luscious locks and a strikingly short style. 

The look ends right around your jawbone with some subtle upward shaping along the sides, creating bold lines that will complement your bone structure. 

Choppy Pixie

choppy pixie

If you want a bold and edgy look, then the choppy pixie is the head-turner you need. This cut has choppy layers throughout to add a ton of volume. At home, you can use texturizing products like wax or mousse to create a messy, lived-in feel to your cut. 

Wispy Fringe and Pixie

whispy pixie

This is a more feminine, softer pixie cut that has been around for a long time. The wispy bangs in front and the short cut through the sides and back add a subtle movement to the cut. This is great for heart-shaped faces as it will balance out their features. 

Start 2024 in Style With a Fresh Cut From Tabula Rasa

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